Okay, so if you didn’t know… now you know that we absolutely love our chef students at Rietondale high school in Pretoria. These are some of the coolest kids we’ve met, and they are absolutely incredible.

On this particular evening the chefs were hosting over 50 guests for a 4-course meal and we were asked to come in and facilitate and make sure no fires break out, lol. These ‘Restaurant Aand’s’ as they call them are not as easy as anyone my think. You are literally throwing these students in the deep end and expecting them to swim…with the sharks.

If you’ve ever been to a chef school, you’ll know that they mainly focus on French cuisine and fine dining service and the students have to somewhat replicate that. And oh, this is for their final mark on their matric certificate, it’s a big deal.

Here’s the menu:

WELCOME DRINKS: Kiwi and Apple Cocktail Lime Cooler
HORS D’ OEVERES: Biltong and Parmesan Mousse Eclair + Caramelized onion, Feta Cheese and Mushroom Bouchees
STARTERS: Roasted Butternut Soup
MAIN COURSE: Peppered Beef Fillet with Mustard Crust + Green Pepper Sauce + Potato Roses+ Baby Marrow Stir Fry and Honey Glazed Carrots
DESSERT: Vanilla Bavarian Cream with Berry Coulis
COFFEE AND TEA SERVICE: Chocolate Truffles

We will be the first to tell you that everything was absolutely beautiful. Of course, there were a few hiccups here and there (it happens in every kitchen), but the food got out and every guest got to eat and every plate that left the pass was beautiful. Every single student, from the front of house team to the chefs in the kitchen… they all did a great job. It’s also bittersweet for these particular students because this is the last time they get to cook together.

We are so proud of these amazing kids, and we love nights like this. They really make our lives a little sweeter. They will have the most beautiful futures, whether they decide to go into the hospitality industry or not.

What a pleasure.

With love, The Twins.


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