• Eat Clean. Train Dirty. Cheat Good.

Eat clean. Train dirty. Cheat good.

We absolutely hate the stereotype that states that “all chefs are fat” which is not really a stereotype? because it is true and it terrifies us!! ??? lol you have to understand though, we do get paid to cook and taste the food… It’s a lose, lose situation.

The basic rules:
Eat clean. Train dirty. Cheat good.
You need a good balance or you won’t survive.
1. We are health conscious… ? sometimes ? honestly though, we are very disciplined. Eating clean comes with discipline because temptation is EVERYWHERE!! And hydrate, we find that drinking liquids (good liquids, water or sugarless flavored teas) during the day makes us crave less junk while working,
2. Work out!! We love working out, firstly it gives us energy and prepares us for the hectic day ahead. And make it count… Dirty train!! Abs are made in the kitchen but they also come from sit ups and crunches.
3. And most importantly, cheat well ??? pick a cheat day, just one ok?! Cheat days are for motivation, you’re good for six days and on the seventh day?! Spoil yourself. then the next day… Focus again. Our cheat days are on Sundays, Because… Seven color Sunday!!! ??????

We are not dietitians or nutritionists but we do know how to take care of ourselves and we just hope we could be of assistance

Let’s call this our trial and error page, we’ll just take you through what WE go through to try look good, keep fit and we’ll also share our easy and healthy meals as well as our cheat meals.

You’re welcome. 

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