Our 8th pop up restaurant. Phew ??? that’s quite a few hey?!, wow!!!
Anyways… you guys know our friend Hope, right? The Food Editor of Drum
Magazine? Two time Galliova award winner? Coolest guy you’ll ever meet in
your life? Lol, yup him. He released his cookbook ??? how amazing
is that?????. The book is called Johanne14, a book about Real South
African Food!!! Ahhhhhhhh ?????

So he called us up and was like… “hey twins, let’s throw a cookbook party
for the Johannesburg people”, lol and what an honor to trust us with
Such an event. And of course, we did what we did best!!!! We came, we
popped up, we cooked and we conquered!!!! ??????????

We hosted this event at the J&B Hive in Braamfontein ????. Guys, The
Hive has the most amazing team in the whole wide … BRAAMFONTEIN ????
they were such great help, we would’ve quit without all their support ?,
we hosted a lovely cozy dinner ?. 4 course tasting menu with about nine
items from the book.  ??? listen ? … we started off ka  Magwinya then
we had corn soup and curried tripe for starters. A plate of lamb curry,
curried Cabbage and classic potato salad for Mains. Mini boerewors burgers
for pre-dessert snack and Gemere (ginger beer) as a pallet cleanser and
deconstructed peppermint tart for dessert ? …. tell us that’s not a food
party. ??

It was an absolutely beautiful evening, we hosted the most amazing crowd of
people and we told the most beautiful stories and it’s because Hope Malau
took a fantastic step and wrote a book and this book … is DEFINITELY one
for the books!!!! ???????? Well done ?? and we are
soooook happy for all the things that are happening for you at the moment
you’re gonna kill it!!!!!







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