Pop up restaurant number 7!!! ??????? Can you believe that? ???

We’ve always wanted to host a picnic and we thought what better time ?then
to host it in ? Autumn?. It’s April, everybody is celebrating Easter, it’s
fitting.  We went back to Ça Ira wellness retreat (thank you Dr. Marie
?) And figured we could play around in their garden again.

Listen!! This was the cutest picnic ever!!! ?? but trying to put it
together? … ???… let’s all laugh together!!! ???? let’s just
say, everything that could’ve gone wrong… WENT WRONG!! Lol. Firstly, why
were there no Easter eggs in the whole of PTA? ?? yikes!!! Some pallet
guy cancelled on us the day before? what a mini disaster. This was one of
those pop ups where we were ready to throw in the towel and say “PEACE
OUT!!!!” ???? lol, but with a little motivational talk – we got psyched
up and actually DID THE THINGS!!!!

Picnics are so easy, we played around with canapé options, cutie pie
serving platters, a lot of fresh fruit. It wasn’t difficult planning the
menu, we served sangrias and non- alcoholic fruit cocktails. We had a
cheese board and crackers platter, we did a layered salad in a cup…
yum!!! You also can’t go wrong with mini club sandwiches, samoosas,
Chicken bites… done!!! We made bunny ? ears for the cupcakes… took
hours ?? but we made them with love and it was totally cute and worth it.
The company was amazing, the vibe was great, our baby Heiress came
through and took the most beautiful shots ever ?? what more could we ask

#storkbake!!!  we absolutely loved being the Easter ambassadors so you
know they had to be cute and come through at the pop up, thank you for the
gifts and stork bakes, had an awesome time baking with them. Tebogo Mogole,
the posters looked amazing babes, thank you. Pierre Du Plessis from
Pretoria North… the pallets were amazing!!! You saved the day sir, we
really appreciate it!!! Ok, we’re done  Hope you like the pics!!!



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