2023 Laager Rooibos Campaign

We’ve been with laager rooibos for about 7 years and we have grown exponentially, as business women, as a brand and as recipe developers and chefs.

For the past few years, this amazing tea brand has given us creative freedom when it comes to playing around with the teas and testing different recipes. We have developed and tested over 90 recipes and they’ve all been fantastic. We’ve been forced to think creatively and out of the box and we appreciate that freedom.
Throughout the years, we’ve become very health conscious and more focused on nutrition. So you’ll notice most of our recipes will be a bit healthier, with the occasional cheat day of course. And this is why we keep falling in love with the brand, it speaks to us in every phase our food journey.
This year’s campaign was fun and beautiful to shoot, we hope you enjoy the videos, recipes and well curated content.

“You have to belong somewhere, choose where you are valued and respected.” We are so grateful to the Laager Rooibos team for keeping us around.


With love, The Twins.



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