Pop up restaurant number #14. Can you guys believe that?  we really can’t, we are so grateful. Words can’t explain.

We had the most amazing evening on Friday the 26th of October. We went back to our old high school (Woerie Land) and basically went back to our original cooking roots. We had an incredible Hospitality Teacher, Mrs Le Roux, She made us fall in love with cooking ?? and she’s the reason we pursued cheffing professionally. ??‍???‍? She took us to Thailand ?? on one school tour for an ultimate culinary experience and it opened our eyes to our now favorite cuisine EVER, we could talk about her the whole day, she’s just so incredible.??‍? She allowed us to become the teachers, it was a great responsibility but she taught us well so she knew what she was doing.

We used to have these restaurant evenings for our end year exams, Mrs Le Roux asked us to come facilitate this last exam with her. The students were impeccable, we were in so much awe. They pulled off four incredible course for guests that evening, they made it so easy to work with them. They are a naughty bunch though? but they are super incredible, we are so inspired by each and every one of them. We will never forget their cute faces.

You guys know Heiress right? Our beautiful baby and photographer? ?. Can we ever say thank you enough to her? We don’t think so, she’s literally been to every single pop up and we’ve watched her grow and she’s seen her grow as well, we are so thankful for you and your amazing work our babe. We love you so much. ??

Laarger Rooibos has been our biggest support this year and we are so thankful for everything and also, everyone around us is thankful to them because they’ve been drinking amazing tea this entire year ? people often ask us how many cups of tea we drink everyday… honestly, we lose count we are spoilt for choice??‍, Rooibos Tea is literally our water.

We’ve seen and experienced so much love and support this year, we are truly grateful.

Love and Light to you all.

God bless ??




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