Can’t believe we just hosted our 12th pop up restaurant, wow!! ???????God bless the WILL for consistency.


Another amazing collaboration with LAAGER ROOIBOS. We decided to host a cute winter breakfast and do a food and tea tasting. It’s super cold in Johannesburg and what better than a cozy restaurant and some tea?!


We’ve been a little obsessed with Paris and Berets and all that cute stuff. So we brought a bit of Paris to our pop up. The menu consisted of Pastries and Jam and a main course of a plated Eggs Benedict… a typical Parisian breakfast ?. We served a lovely ice tea shot as welcome drink, we used the Vanilla Rooibos. We paired the Eggs Benedict with the Ginger and Citrus Rooibos to compliment the citrus notes in the Hollandais sauce. The dessert was served with the Chai Rooibos. All the other teas and flavors were tasted during the course of the event. Everyone got to take home some lovely Tetley green tea ? ?? Apple, mint and lemon flavors… Gosh!!!! ???


27 Boxes is the cutest place you could go to, what an amazing concept!! There are a lot of hidden gems there and one of the gems we fell in love with was a gorgeous restaurant called “The Table”… so so cute. They have a harvest table and they cater for people who are on vegan diets as well. The co-owner, Mandy was super keen to host us and let us use the space, couldn’t be more thankful. We brainstormed a couple of food and set up ideas with her and she’s an absolute powerhouse.???? She also owns a fantastic restaurant at 27 Boxes called “The Countess” so we were definitely in good hands.


These pop up restaurants are getting tougher and tougher ?? and that’s ok because it means the standard is much higher… which is fantastic !!! ?? but honestly though, nothing better than filling a beautiful room with beautiful people and feeding them beautiful food and creating good vibes only!! What an honor ????


There were a few people celebrating their birthdays ? ? ? so we decided to play around with one of the LAAGER ROOIBOS flavors and make a beautiful dessert/ cupcake out of it. We used the Rooibos Chai to create a carrot and spiced chai cupcake with cream cheese filling. We (the cheesy twins ?) decided to surprise all the birthday boys with some cupcakes, Star lights ? ? and birthday songs … it was super cute!!


Another successful pop up and we are absolutely grateful ??. Everybody looked gorgeous in their All white attire, thank you for respecting our theme, lol. And all those who didn’t wear white…  it’s ayt, we still love you. Lol.


@Ress_photography took all the amazing pictures ?… as always. We love you

Swiss Army did the Amazing artwork on our posters and branding.

Our siblings… the best assistants in the world.

The Table, for allowing us to host a lovely evening.

And finally LAAGER ROOIBOS for another successful collaboration, we are so thankful.





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