Do you remember our chef babies? Well, they are in Matric this year and this is officially their final chef practical in this class before they go into the world. And what a pleasure it is for us for Mrs Le Roux to allow us back into her kitchen again to help facilitate this amazing final exam.

It’s very nostalgic for us to come into this space, we were once in this very class many … many, many years ago ??so it brings back amazing memories. These students are absolutely industry level chefs and they won’t have a problem adapting to the intimidating industry.

We prepared 80 plates with bread, Hors D’oeuvres, starters, palet cleanser, main meal, dessert and coffee with Friandise. Is that a food production or what? ???WOW!!! And they killed it!!! Each and every one of those plates came out looking beautiful.

We are in absolute awe of these young chefs and we wish them all the success in the world. ?

And our favorite photographer and sis Ress Photography, thank you for coming along and capturing this beauty that we experience. We love you.

To Mrs Le Roux, she really shaped how we looked at the hospitality industry and is a big part of what we chose to go this route, we are forever grateful. Thank you for everything.


With Love, The Twins xx


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