We honestly can’t believe that this is our 13th pop up restaurant and
we still feel excited and giddy about planning the event and see all the
lovely people who come, we are so thankful ??

It was another collaboration with LAAGER ROOIBOS, so much fun. We were
lucky enough to play around with the Green Rooibos, citrus and Ginger
flavored tea. It smells amazing ?? and tastes even better. We used it in
our “Mocktail of the day ” as our welcome drink. Everyone loved it!!!

We used the lovely Alpine Attitude Boutique Hotel in Pretoria East as our
venue of the day, it’s breathtakingly gorgeous ??. We’ve used this venue
before and our mom kept begging that we use it again… and what a way to
host in our home city PRETORIA!!! This time we were corresponding with
Solette Breet, she’s the absolute best and made the booking and planning of
this event a breeze, thank you so much.???? we didn’t have to do
much to the venue honestly, it matched our bohemian theme perfectly!!!
Couldn’t be happier.

It’s spring time in South Africa and we wanted to do something easy but
also very fun for our guests, we decided on a bohemian theme because it’s
“chilled vibes” ??‍??‍ right and that’s what Spring is all about.
It’s also Heritage month so braai’ing and burgers just made total sense. We
had 3 variations, beef burgers, chicken burgers and vegetarian burgers.
Initially we wanted to do a lovely cheakpea and sweet potato patty for the
vegetarians.. let’s all laugh together ???????‍… it was a total
FLOP!!! We blitzed the mixture a little too much and it was just too soft
and soggy, we tried to pané with bread crumbs… just a flop!!
??‍??‍ so we used lovely shitaki mushrooms, roasted them in the
oven with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic and voilà… it worked, also
the cool thing is mushroom gives an illusion that you’re having meat, so
everyone wins ??‍??‍ the vegetarians liked it ( we love you
guys ?) we couldn’t let them eat that cheakpea mess. ? we also made all
kinds of homemade sauces to go with it, green goddess sauce, chili sauce
and barbecue sauce, we had with vegetable chips, potato chips, pickled red
onions, ribbon cucumbers… Uhm ??… oh and bacon bits to accompany the
burgers. So you could basically go wild!! It was too much fun, too much
yummy. And for dessert we had a light deconstructed peppermint tart, no too
sweet, not too much… just right!!

Now, at every pop up restaurant we like to add a bit of excitement for our
guests, introduce them to something we think is spectacular!! ?? our
beautiful friend Danine has an amazing brand called #headoverheart, she has
the most amazing merchandise, we love it. We are so proud of her and we
wanted to be a part of her journey ?? thank you for gracing is babe.

The pop up went really great, we had amazing assistants, we love and
appreciate you guys.

Of course our baby girl Heiress #ressphotography handled the amazing
photography as always, she does an amazing Job ALWAYS!! What else could we
ask for ? ?? we are so obsessed with her work, thank you. And our amazing
friend Tebogo Mogole and her talented team #swissarmy did amazing work on
our invites and artwork, we appreciate your amazing work. ??

At the end of the night we kicked off our shoes and let our little sore
feet breathe. It’s always so exciting hosting all you beautiful people. You
could literally be anywhere in the world but you choose to come have dinner
with us, what an honor ??





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