We went to the Hurst Campus in Stellenbosch and we always brag because we
had the honor of driving into Backsberg wine Estate every single day.
????? We don’t care how grumpy you are or how bad your day is… the
beautiful view of the mountains will cheer you up.


Classes were awesome. We had one of the best Chef lectures ever!!! Chef
Ronan!!! ???????? He is a very IRISH ? man with a very IRISH ?
accent ??☺️☺️? lol. He was awesome, he used to pronounce “potato” as
“BODADO” ???? we can’t make these things up!!!!!!, we cracked up ALL
THE TIME. The one time our friend Sybil tried explaining to him who Drake
is, so Chef took it upon himself to go listen to some of Drake’s songs and
see what this man is about. … let’s just say ???? he went and
listened to “STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM”. ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️???????????
Did He not walk into the lecturer hall chanting that song the next day, he
couldn’t understand how Drake was making money releasing songs like that.
?????? we will never, ever forget that day, ever!!!!!!! Funniest day
of our lives. Thank you Sybil and thank you Chef Ronan ??☺️☺️☺️❤️


We had the best lecturers and the best Rebecca in the world ? ☺️☺️ it
would take us forever to talk about them, so we’ll save the lovely stories
for another blog post. We were trained super well in a short amount of
time, which made us all little beasts ???. Hey, it wasn’t easy??, just
like life we all went through our own things sometimes but school was good.
We always had music in the background when we were doing our practicals, we
+ Sybil used to dance to Beyoncé songs ALL THE TIME ????☺️☺️☺️☺️.

We had students from Namibia, Zimbabwe and all these beautiful African
countries in one room, what more could one ask for ?


As chefs, we all have funny and embarrassing stories. We’ve all burnt
something or cut ourselves deeply!!! We’ve all had the biggest urge to stab
each other with our knives sometimes ??????… ok, we are kidding ☺️
but it gets tense in the kitchen after a while ??. But oh boy, we
wouldn’t really trade that experience for anything. Every stage of your
life grooms and prepares you for your future self and we are Thankful.