Thai Food obsession

We were in grade 11 when we had the opportunity to go Thailand as a school Hospitality tour.

We visited the lovely country for about two weeks, it was the greatest experience of our lives but we didn’t appreciate it that much. Maybe we were just too young and too childish.
We had our first sushi in Thailand, first consommé, coconut water… From a real coconut, haha, sticky rice, fried rice … Need we say more?


Thailand was perfect but we still didn’t appreciate it. The last few days of our visit we spent in Bangkok and we learnt how to make proper Thai curry, oh my goodness!!! It was only after we came home,  we realized that we don’t wanna live without Thai food. Thai food is easily our most favorite cuisine.
Coconut milk, lemon grass. Ginger, garlic, Thai curry paste… Tell us that doesn’t sound like heaven.

With that said, Dear Thailand, we love and appreciate you, your night markets, your street food, for the yummy sticky rice and your healthy desserts. We promise, next time we visit… We will appreciate you more.
The Twins