Summer Dinner pop up

Fifth pop up!!!


10 Dec 2016


Constantia Guest Lodge, it reminded us of Stellenbosch. The old white beautiful building, the beautiful antique design inside, the place takes you to a beautiful wine farm in the middle of Franschoek. 


The general manager, Helmut was more then happy to accommodate us, very pleasant gentleman. Although we really wanted to host on the 3rd of Dec , it was impossible and our cute faces couldn’t change his mind but the 10th was perfect too. 


We wanted to make the last pop up restaurant of the year be a bit more special for our guests. We had hand written “love” notes for everyone , the desserts were served with starlights and it was a beautiful light outdoor dinner … until it started raining!!! our hearts sank but our guests were so pleasant, lol. We eventually moved the party indoors, the beautiful indoors and that just made the evening even perfect it was warm and cozy and everyone was just mingling and giggling – what more could we ask for. 


We had a beautiful girl, Ikanyeng who had emailed us a few weeks before and asked if she could meet us and perhaps help us at one of our events. she’s soooo loyal, she came and she worked sooooo hard. Awwww, she has our hearts now️. Our siblings, Dimpho and Kgomotso? The coolest pair we put them to work too and they did a fantastic job, we really appreciate and love them, thank you kids. Yvette, our girl,️ thank you for always offering to help us out, we love you mama. Tebogo, the pop up posters are fantastic our lovie, we appreciate it and to our beautiful little sis, Heiress!!! You’ve been to every single pop up this year!!!!️ We just wanna hug and kiss you all over your face – thank you for being a fantastic photographer, love you baby. 


Making people happy makes us happy – we really appreciate our friends and our friends friends and complete strangers who come out to spend their time with us and are helping us grow, we really appreciate it. You guys make our hearts happy. ️








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