Pizza and wine evening

Pop up pizza and wine
Pop up number two!!!


We visit Roastmasters coffee bar in Menlo Park, Pretoria a few times for breakfast on our off days. They serve the yummiest coffee and breakfast granola in the world!!!

For the second pop up, we were struggling to find the perfect venue, so on a random morning we decided to go breathe and have yummy breakfast at Roastmasters and think a little and the lovely owner, Natania Van Heerden came up to us and started chatting to us. We told her what we do, where we studied, only to find out the her daughter and us studied at the same place and graduated on the same day, what a lovely coincidence right?

She suggested we use her beautiful restaurant for our pop up restaurant and of course we didn’t pass up that opportunity. The pop up was absolutely perfect, hosted in the evening, lovely, intimate, perfect venue, couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The lovely invite pamphlets were designed by our beautiful friend Gugu. Lovely snaps by Hieress. The lovely wines from Backsberg wine estate and Steenberg wine estate. The lovely pizza was made by the twins, with love!!!



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