Flat bread story

During our studies, we were sent out to do internships for our practical training and we were placed in fantastic restaurants in the Waterfront, absolutely beautiful.

It was hectic!! The shifts and working hours were ridiculous as they are in the Hospitality industry. So we used to go to “The Market On The Wharf” at the Waterfront on our off days, for a breather. We met these two very good looking Afrikaans guys, lol ^__^ who owned the Flatbread stand at the market. They taught us how to make these amazing flat breads that used to sell like hot cakes!!! It was the best thing ever, we got so good at it 🙂 we started working there on our off days for extra cash, Uhm… Students? Extra cash? Yes please!!! Lol. It was a lot of fun!! We met all kinds of tourists, had conversations with people from all over the world while they were waiting for their flat breads to cook. It was perfect, honestly the best experience of our lives.
We carry that fantastic recipe in our hearts and our kitchen 🙂

With that said, Dear two sexy Afrikaans guys, lol. Thank you so much for such an awesome experience. You guys are the flatbread kings!!!!