Champagne Breakfast Pop Up

Fourth pop up!!


Ça Ira Wellness Retreat Guest House, awwwww so pretty. It’s actually a Wellness centre where people come to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, Dr Marie takes care and owns the place as well as other lovely Doctors, EVERYBODY is so lovely there.

Now, how we found this place is pretty interesting ?☺☺☺️. The Twins (us) were jogging (or at least trying?☺?) with our little brother around the Eastwood and Union building area and we jogged past this lovely guesthouse and we were like… “yup, we are hosting our next pop up here”. So we did what we do best ☺☺☺️ lol, after the jog, we went home, dressed up and looked pretty and had a meeting with the owners and who would say No to these cute faces? ??☺☺❤

It was the most beautiful garden pop up ever!!!! Oh my gosh!!! The food was fantastic and for the first time ever we had a live acoustic band (PG_13) serenading our guests ?? absolutely fantastic, they made our pop up a little perfect!! And it was our birthday month so this pop up was basically our birthday party ? and we couldn’t have had a better crowd to celebrate with.

We can’t say this enough… but the people we meet at these pop ups? Melt our hearts ?and the same friends that come to our pop up because they just love us so much… melt our hearts ? even more and the connections people make with each other? Even better because that is the point.

Heiress Bunduki coming through again and take the loveliest pics? Thank baby ❤❤️. Our girl Tebogo Mogole for designing our posters, Love you mama and PG_13 coming through and serenading us with their perfect voices, thank you guys ????

This pop up was soooooo bomb!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!!! We feel like going to church!!! ?☺☺???



#withlovefromthetwins ☺❤


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