You know when you discover a new spice/ herb and you feel like you can use it in anything? But not really ?… Because it doesn’t work. That was the story with cardamon.

We were making rice one day, and we added whole cardamom pods in there. It was our first time using the ‘spice’ so we knew nothing about it. Here’s a tip, when using cardamom, make sure you crush the cardamom pods to get to the tiny seeds on the inside. This will change your life. We had no idea this is how you use cardamon.

When it was time to eat the rice, all you bit into were the whole cardamom pods. It was so overwhelming, it was literally like eating cardamon with a bit of rice. We were scarred for life… Okay not for life, but for a really long time. Now we know how to use the seeds. It’s aromatic, flavorful and a little goes a long way.