Bee cake story.

Hi, we are the twins ☺☺. We are super cute ?? and we absolutely love
doing super cute things for our friends ??, especially when they
celebrate having babies!!!! ☺☺❤❤lol.

One of our friends is having a baby soon ? and she wanted her “coming of
baby” party to be a bee ??? theme because she’s having a little bambeee
??. So of course we decided to play around with cute babee cakes and
cupcakes and they sent us what they wanted but we did our own thing as
usual ????☺☺ lol. We kept the theme ok?!! ?☺☺

Oh gosh, it’s soooo warm in Pretoria and that means Fondant is not really
friendly in hot weather?, it becomes all soft and sticky and “we can’t
work with this” and stuff, lol. What a hack!! ???keep everything cold.
If you’re gonna make a Fondant cake in the summer, make sure your dirty
iced cake is basically ice cold and take your time too… don’t try to make
the cake a few hours before, you will get the shock of your life!!!
???? lol.

So there’s a great bake shop in Fourways that we absolutely love ?? and
they have everything there, we become dumbstruck when we enter that cutie
pie store. We get carried away and forget why we are actually there because
everything is so cute and you wanna buy everything, gosh ???. Anyways,
moving on…

Our friend also told us that she’s having a baby boy ?? but we couldn’t
play around with any blues because that will of course kill the bee theme
??. So we decided to do a surprise gender reveal cake. All bee on the
outside and and baby boy blue on the inside!!!  ☺☺?
This was so much fun, it was relaxing and fun and we caught up on our
nonsense talks while we were baking the cakes ?? and …baking for
friends? You don’t have to ask us twice!!!! ❤❤❤

#withlovefromthetwins ?☺❤❤